The Life of Father DeSmet, S.J.

The Life of Father DeSmet, S.J. Apostle of the Rocky Mountains 1801-1873 by Fr. E. Laveille, S.J. – Price includes shipping.



“The Life of Father DeSmet, S.J.” by Fr. E. Laveille is a captivating biography that delves into the remarkable life and achievements of Father Pierre-Jean DeSmet, a prominent Jesuit missionary in the 19th century. In this meticulously researched and compellingly written book, Fr. Laveille provides an in-depth account of DeSmet’s tireless efforts to spread Christianity and his encounters with Native American tribes in the American West.

The book begins by tracing DeSmet’s early years in Belgium and his decision to join the Society of Jesus, ultimately leading him on a transformative journey across the Atlantic to the untamed frontier of America. As readers immerse themselves in DeSmet’s experiences, they witness his unwavering commitment to his faith and his fervent desire to bring the Gospel to those who had not yet encountered it.

Fr. Laveille masterfully paints a vivid picture of DeSmet’s encounters with Native American tribes, including the Sioux, the Blackfeet, and the Flatheads. The narrative weaves together historical records, personal letters, and first-hand accounts to provide a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the cultural dynamics and challenges faced by both the missionaries and the indigenous peoples they sought to serve.

Moreover, “The Life of Father DeSmet, S.J.” goes beyond the missionary’s religious endeavors, shedding light on his significant role as a peacemaker and negotiator between different tribes and European settlers. DeSmet’s diplomatic skills and deep respect for Native American traditions helped foster alliances, resolve conflicts, and advocate for the rights and well-being of Indigenous communities.

Throughout the book, Fr. Laveille skillfully captures the spirit of adventure, sacrifice, and profound faith that characterized DeSmet’s life. From his treacherous journeys across rugged terrains to his tireless efforts to establish missions and schools, DeSmet’s dedication to his vocation and his compassion for the people he served shine through every page.

“The Life of Father DeSmet, S.J.” is not only a valuable historical account but also an inspiring tale of perseverance, cultural understanding, and spiritual devotion. Fr. Laveille’s meticulous research, combined with his engaging storytelling style, ensures that readers are transported to a fascinating era in American history and gain a deep appreciation for the extraordinary life of Father Pierre-Jean DeSmet.


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